The Inspiration

Eqbal Ahmad

  • Eqbal Ahmad (1933/34 – May 11, 1999)

Eqbal Ahmad was a Pakistani writer, journalist, and anti-war activist.  He was strongly critical of the Middle East strategy of the United States as well as what he saw as the “twin curse” of nationalism and religious fanaticism in such countries as Pakistan.   As a tribute to his fearlessness, outspokenness and belief in critical thinking, Khaldunia is a part of his vision: an educational institution where young people of Pakistan can pursue the excellence in education that is denied them in more conventional schools – where thinking, questioning and independent inquiry is the hallmark.  His legacy is memorialized each year at the annual Convocation when the Eqbal Ahmad Memorial Medal for Student of the Year is awarded to students who meet the stringent criteria.

M. A. K. Chaudhry (1924-2011)

Mr. Chaudhry was a former Federal Secretary to the Government of Pakistan.  He played an active role in promoting education in the public sector, particularly furthering the cause of the education of child labourers and the education of the disabled for which he received a lifetime recognition award from the Punjab Government.  He was also Chairman of the National Economics Foundation which runs the Lahore School of Economics, a prestigious university chartered by the Government of the Punjab.  A staunch supporter of Khaldunia, he was instrumental in helping the school obtain land for its purpose built campus and provided the main impetus to the project.  An outstanding student in his youth, a memorial medal for Academic Excellence has been instituted in his name and was first awarded in November 2011.

The Founders

Farukh S Pracha – Principal

Educated both in Pakistan and abroad, with specializations in Islamic History and Education, Farukh has taught in well known educational institutions in the United Kingdom, Africa and Pakistan.  Her teaching experience encompasses a diverse range of subjects at all levels of schooling.  In Pakistan, she headed both primary and secondary branches of a leading private school chain for a number of years.  In addition to administrative management, she established a variety of teaching methodologies and teaching protocols in both establishments.

Hajra Ahmed – Director of Studies – Hajra’s educational experience encompasses a unique blend of teaching and administration in various executive positions.  She taught in secondary schools in the United States before joining a well-known private school chain in Pakistan.  During the past twenty-seven years, she has held the posts of senior teacher, academic coordinator and principal and was actively involved in administration, management and teacher training.  She holds a B.A. from Harvard and an M.A from Northeastern University in the US.  Currently, she is on sabbatical but remains in close touch with the management and staff at Khaldunia.

Kausar Ahmad – One of the original Directors and founders of Khaldunia, Kausar who specialized in elementary learning, has since retired from active teaching and moved to Lahore.  She remains a valuable sounding board and is in touch with the management.


Mr. Aslam HameedDirector Finance – Aslam joins Khaldunia as a partner after a lifetime spent in the banking and finance sector and has been involved with Khaldunia since its launch.  During his career, he worked in various managerial and executive positions with one of Pakistan’s leading commercial banks.  He also served as member Financial Crimes Investigation Wing of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).  Since he joined the school as Director Finance he has virtually single-handedly supervised the construction of the new campus.  He oversees general administration on a day-to-day basis as well as being involved closely with the financial well being of the institution.  Aslam has also instituted a scholarship – the Aziza Khatoon Memorial Scholarship for the student who excels n academics, extracurricular activities and community service.

Ms. Amina Aslam – Coordinator Extra Curricular Activities – Amina holds a BS in Environmental Science and worked with the WWF before joining Khaldunia as a partner/Director.  She has a considerable contribution in putting Khaldunia on the debates circuit and the MUN map within the city and in Lahore.  In her capacity as coordinator of extra curricular activities, Amina has worked to establish relations between various social sector development NGO’s and Khaldunia.  Currently she supervises a group working with Thaap and UNESCO to develop a project on the preservation of intangible cultural heritage and sustainable development.

The Advisory Committee

Imran Afzal

An architect currently running his own firm in Dubai and with offices in other parts of the Middle East and Africa, Imran was a key figure in designing the new campus in G-11.  Drawing on established best practice principles – the campus is light, airy and lively – Imran spent a hectic six months tweaking and refining the original design to which two other eminent architects Najeeb Omar and Sikander Ajam had contributed.  He also helped oversee the construction of the building on his trips to Pakistan.

Vaqar Zakaria

Deeply interested in alternative forms of education, from its initial phases, Mr. Zakaria helped provide impetus to the Khaldunia School project and continues to be closely linked with its development.

I A  Rahman

I. A. Rehman is Director (since 1990) of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), the leading Pakistan NGO committed to the entire range of human rights.  Prior to this, he served as writer, columnist and editor of various newspapers and prestigious journals, always active and fearless in combating injustice and censorship and battling for the rights of the marginalized.  Besides hundreds of articles and papers contributed to national and foreign publications he has three books to his credit.  He also won the Nuremberg City’s International Human Rights Award for 2003.  He has been keynote speaker at Khaldunia’s Convocation and is an inspiration for the school.

Dr. Moazam Mahmood

An economist and Director at the ILO (International Labour Organization) and based in Geneva, Dr. Mahmood was a regular advisor to the founders in the school’s inception phase and has lectured at the school since.  He continues to offer advice and suggestions to the management.

Thanks too to Abdullah Aslam who has helped set up Khaldunia’s website.

The Staff

Khaldunia’s policy is to hire the best and the brightest as teachers. All staff is experienced and regular workshops and training sessions are held as refresher courses. O Level teachers also regularly attend the University of Cambridge examiners’ courses held annually. Our elementary staff undergoes a rigorous summer school training programme conducted by the elementary coordinators.